Introduction: The Sustainability Buzz

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The concept of sustainability has lately become a buzz word du jour in corporate circles, and may well reach the status of other seemingly indispensible phrases, such as automate, out-of-the-box, multi-task, value added, and protecting shareholder value. Increasingly, companies include sustainability as part of their set of core values, tout its importance to the corporate culture, or promote it as a differentiator of a product or service.   

Despite the increasing commonality of its use, most people only have a generic notion of what sustainability means within the context of a corporate value. Trendiness can have a detrimental effect on any concept not fully understood.This blog continues to be a draft of my thoughts on sustainability.  However, as I continue to explore the issue further, I realized the necessity of breaking down this topic into a series of blogs, partly because I have more thoughts on the issue than I had originally planned, and partly to keep the attention of most readers.  My apologies for constantly changing the format; since this is my first official blog, consider my inconstancy as mistakes by a well-meaning newbie blogger.     

Here is my current outline for the series (subject to change): 

  1. What is Sustainability?  Exploring the foundations supporting the modern concept of sustainability.
  2. Sustainability’s Path through History:  An account of human history as a balance between ecological productivity and human consumption.
    • A Pre-Historical Case Study
    • A Historical Case Study
    • Notes on Current Issues
  3. The Erosion and Subsequent Resurgence of Sustainability in the Modern World
  4. Sustainability: Its Role and Application in a Corporate Context

(Note:  This series is indebted to the work of many who I will credit in my next version coming soon.)


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